Mission & Vision
The fundamental mission of our Company is to strengthen India's industrial base through increased productivity, effective utilization of manpower and material resources


CHROMO PAPER (PCH) 55/60/65 For manufacturing of small pouches in Gutkha and
Spices Industries.
CHROMO PAPER 7 0 - 90 For Label manufacturing in Pharmaceutical, Food
Processing, Shoe and Soap Industries etc.
CHROMO PAPER 110 Printing of Calendars, Cover of Magazines & Posters for various purposes.
175 - 255 Used in Book Covers and manufacturing of Audio/ Video
ENAMEL PAPER 120 - 170 Used as Cover Page of Magazines, Pocket Books and
ART PAPER 90 - 170

Children Books, Product Broachers, Magazine Covers, Balance Sheet and Calendars etc.

ART CARD/ BOARD 175 - 285 Playing Cards, Greeting Cards, Price Tags, Visiting
Cards, Book Cover and Danglers etc.
COATED PAPER TRANSFER 130 - 170 Image transfer on Crockery Items.