Special Features:

Standard Size Width - 405 mm / Special Sizes as per requirement
Length - 6000 Meter
Jumbo Roll 90% - NIL Joint
10% - One Joint

Storage Conditions:

Should be stored indoor, at temperature between 100C to 240C at 40% to 60% Rh. Long term storage at temperature above 400C or over 60% Rh may cause reduction in image contrast.

Handling Conditions:

  • Direct sunlight, Fluorescent and UV light sources should be avoided.
  • Printed image may get reduced depending upon the duration of contact with:
    a) Carbon and Carbonless Paper.
    b) Organic Solvent and adhesive containing tributyl phosphate, dibutyl phosphate.
    c) Solvent or Solvent - containing products.
    d) Folders composed of Plastic containing plasticizers.